Filtering Repeating groups

Hi Guys I need help with my app. I have a data type “news” that has 18 sub categories and numerous other tags(100+). I would like my users to select their favorite tags and subcategories. then show a repeating group that only shows news article that are the user’s tags or subcategory. The problem with filtering is that it has to contain only one of the subcategories or all… but I would a the news item to show as long as it contains one or more of the sub categories or tags… Is this possible… Please help… Thank you

Yes it’s possible.

I am assuming that you’re storing the tags as a list in the database. Just store the tags that a user selects in a custom state. Then in the repeating group’s constraints, Tags contains Custom states value

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Hi, thanks
Yes, I’ve stored the tags as a list.
But I think the problem there is that, the news articles would have to contain all the tags that’s the user selected to be shown in the RG. but I would like that even if it contains just 1 tag, it shows on the news repeating group… is this what ignore empty constraints will do?

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