Show only elements with a certain value from a field

Hi, I cannot get to make the following work.
In the database, I have 2 data types: Article and Tag
In Article, I have a field “tag” as “List of Tags”
In Tag, I have a field “name” as “text”.
In App data, I have some entries for articles and for tags (tag01, tag02)

Switching to the design tab, I add to a page a repeatinggroup.
I want this group to show only articles that have a tag = tag01
In the repeating group I’m using Type of content = article and as data source I’m using “do a search for: articles” and then I want to add the constraint “tag contains” or tag = tag01 but I cannot manage to make it work. I cannot select any existing value for tags nor I can make it work by typing myself.
What am I getting wrong?

Hi there, @fabio.venn… if I understand your post correctly, I think the main question is what are you ultimately trying to accomplish? I mean, you probably don’t want a repeating group that only ever shows articles that contain tag01, right? If you had, say, a dropdown above the repeating group to allow the user to select a tag, you would use the dropdown’s value in the constraint to filter the items in the repeating group. To do exactly what you described, though, you would do a search for tags and get the first item in the search.

Hope this helps.


Actually I want to accomplish what you said @mikeloc :
I want to have a homepage that shows different blocks of content, for example “climate change”, “coronavirus”, “politics”. These would be what I call tags.
In my database I keep adding articles (with headline, summary, publish dates and so on) and tag them with the above tags (as said, I set a field “tag” as “List of Tags”, with Tag as a different data type.
The “coronavirus” block should only show articles with the tag “coronavirus”.
When setting the repeatinggroup though, I cannot set the constraint “tag contains coronavirus”, it does not work.
Thanks for your help

As I described in my first reply, you have to do a search for a specific tag as part of the constraint.