Filter a repeating group by click of a button

Hello please can someone help.

I am trying to do something which I just cannot understand why it would be so complicated to achieve.

I have 1 page only (index) which has a repeating group that displays posts. The page has a popup used as a menu. The menu is also a repeating group.

I am simply trying to make it so that the menu button/group when clicked filters the main post repeating group based on the Tag field of the Posts datatype.

The only thin I can think of is the custom state is set as a Tag. I am wondering if its giving the reference to the Tags data type rather than giving me the Tags name…

My data types are setup as followed…


Can a post have multiple tags?

No, just single tag

On posts

Do a search for posts where tag = (wherever state is set)'s tag

Ignore empty constraints true

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