Filtering search

I’ve been trying to work though this for hours, any insight would be greatly appreciated. I’m using search & autocorrect plugin to search for things. Is there a way to ignore certain text so that the query doesn’t pick up a filter?

ie. Users can search for things, feedback or stories

I’d like to allow them to enter in:feedback or in:stories and search and autocorrect pick up the text after this string

So the input text “in:feedback roadmap view” would return a list of feedback that contains roadmap and/or view.

I don’t have a problem showing the results for different ‘things’, but the issue is I can’t ignore the filter text.

Perhaps a dropdown instead of keywords in the search field?
Or perhaps you can set a condition on the Search and Autocorrect that detects the “in:feedback” or “in:stories” and then changes the data source accordingly to match when those keywords are detected.