Filtering several repeating group entries based on single independent repeating group entry values


I have struggled with a challenge to filter data entries of repeating groups based on a specific repeating groups data. So what I mean is, is it possible to cross compare and filter data in some convenient and scalable way?
Let’s say I have data entries in repeating groups for Product, Color, Revenue and User Color preference. I as a admin can edit what the color preference of the user is based on what I know. The example user likes red so I want to filter all the products and respective “rows” slash data entries of other repeating groups representing product information/data. So when there is a match with the use color preference and the product color I would want these products with linked information to be visible and all other products not matching the color preference of the user not visible. I have yet to find a way to do this in a scalable way aka when there may be a lot of data. Maybe I’m approaching this with completely wrong tactics and f.e. repeating groups are not the way to go etc. Could someone try to provide a viable solution for this problem. The given setting is an example to make things a bit more simplistic to understand but the idea remains the same.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile: