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Filter group with another repeating group? Bubbler Freelancers please reach out

Hey bubblers,

Need your help with another problem I am having. I am trying to filter an input fields value based on the result of a repeating group. I am willing to pay for freelance time to help build this solution out in the best way possible.

I have a thing called company. In the company thing I have two related things, “Company User Datapoints” and “Datapoints”

I have a popup that shows a company profile for the user. When that profile opens up, there is a repeating group that pulls the list of datapoints a company collects (email, phone, address). Now, in that repeating group I have an input, that needs to pull in data from the “Company User Datapoints thing”. The input needs to show whatever is the corresponding datapoint for that row. I’m not sure what is the best way to do this, happy to restructure the Database or elements to achieve this.


From what you are saying, you want to created one repeating group /normal group inside another repeating group.

I did a video about this, maybe it is helpful for you:

Hey Sarah,

Thanks but I’ve already tried this and it doesn’t work due to the way the database is structured:


Company User Datapoints:

Unless I am missing something?

Bumping this.

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