Link 2 repeating groups for Filtering

Hi, I have 2 repeating groups. One is for displaying static data from database and the other displays the data specific to user’s company name. I want to implement filtering. It will be clearer after looking at the image of how it is.

The left RG is a static one and the right RG is the data specific to user (which has data “Compliant”, “Partially Compliant” or “Not Compliant”).
When I select any of the three option from the filter, I would like to display the row in which it includes the word from the selected filter options. For example, If the first cell of the right RG has “Compliant”, and I select the filter as “Compliant”, I want to display that cell and the first cell of the left RG.
I want a condition in my left RG as something like "If Right RG cell’s index (every cell has an index number in the db) = Left RG cell’s # (leftmost column in the Left RG).
I have managed to implement filter in the Right RG (by using custom state) but I want it to show the corresponding row of the Left RG too.

I hope my question is clear. Any help is appreciated!

You need a new data type ‘R&R Compliancy’ which has fields User, Compliancy, and R&R. Then just display the user’s R&R Compliancies in the same repeating group e.g

Current cell’s R&R’s rules descriptions
Current cell’s R&R’s rules headline
Current cell’s Compliancy

Hi Thanks for the help. I used a similar method to what you suggested