Finding Where a data field is used

A few months ago my dumb ass did a workaround in my system.

Added a field to User called: last-company-profile-visited

I forgot where I used it but it means I cannot have 2 tabs open as I know it used somewhere…
Any ideas on how I can find where I used the field?

If there a way to find out what workflow updates it???

Hi @TomIsCool ,
you can delete this field from User table a lot of errors you will see in editor note all where this field in
at the end undo deleted field and go to update your project :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


thank you @mikeloc nice trick

Do you have any advice on finding where I have used a API Workflow?
Cannot find it in that filter

App search tool → Action type → Schedule API Workflow → dropdown lets you pick which one :slightly_smiling_face:

Any chance you know how I can search to find all times I use a search? I want to audit all my searches

App search tool → Uses datasource → Do a search for

unsure how I missed that… Thank you

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