Know when workflow 'only when' is using a deleted field

Hey All,

Does anyone know of a way to search for a workflow that is using a deleted field in the only when field.

It doesn’t cause an error, so I would have no idea if something isn’t working.

I hope there is an easy way to solve this.

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Hi @ben4! Try using the search tool at the top right of your screen (magnifying glass). This will give you a list of anything using that element/field.

If this solved your problem, go ahead and click the check mark to mark as solved!

Thank you for responding to me. I dont think that will work as I have already deleted the field.

Can you think of a way to search for workflows that deleted fields are associated with?

Yeah, It’s rubbish, I don’t understand the logic behind it at all.
Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way. But I would love to know if you find one :slight_smile:

Restore the deleted field.

Not sure you understand. I deleted the field as it was no longer needed.I just need to know where there were any only when’s that used that field so I can update them.

You should be able to restore the field long enough to use the search function to locate any workflows that were using it.

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Did you get it figured out @ben4?

Before deleting a field (ie fieldXY), I rename it z_fieldXY and I do a search for all fields as indicated above. I erase the fields permanently once in a while. It is true that it will be easier to have all the errors immediately and make the corrections.

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Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I got what I needed. I needed to know if there was a way to do it after the fact. I am going to go through the entire app for other reasons, so I will just look to see what is wrong. Thank you :slight_smile:

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