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Firestore and Authentication Api/Plugin

I am looking for someone to help build out an API for Firestore/Firebase database storage and user authentication. Ideally you would have experience with these api’s / sdk.

I am specifically wanting to 1) build out a complete user login/logout/password flow. 2) custom firestore post and get requests

Please get in-touch if you have experience with these.


Zeroqode’s plugin allows you to login/logout with Firebase.

Yep. But it doesn’t allow the user to change the password.

They do have a number of plugin. But all have quite significant limitations for what I am trying to do. Hence the request here.

Hey! I’m in the process of finishing this off for another Bubbler. Are you still in need? We can do a Firebase/firestore duo and really get your app jamming, including offline data reads and writes!