How to make reusable floating group scroll?

Hey guys, just had a quick question. I have a reusable floating group element that I’m using as a drop down menu from the header. The button to open this menu is laid over the header on the index page in its own floating group. How can I get this menu to scroll? Thanks!

The button should be inside the reusable element’s group, and the Group Focus on the reusable element page. It will scroll.

So instead of overlaying a button on the header on each page, I just include the button in the reusable elements group and over lay that instead? Is there a video or tutorial showing clarity on this? I really appreciate it!


I don’t know of a video tutorial on this, but generally you should put everything you need in that reusable element. The button, group focus element, etc.

Hey Robert I appreciate it! Think I got it! This makes much more sense anyways…:slight_smile:

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