FLOPPY: Plugin for localStorage, sessionStorage, IndexedDB storage, List Creation/Manipulation, Iteration, and More! Now with even more video docs!

Another Little Update: Just published Floppy version 1.9.3 which adds yet another plugin (Floppy Rehydrator), which solves the problem described in this thread:

Basically you can send lists of texts that represent Bubble unique IDs to Floppy Rehydrator and it rehydrates them into the Things they represent.

I know this seems like a weird thing – like, where might those IDs come from? Well, it turns out that they might come as a list of UIDs passed via a URL parameter. Stupidly, Get Data from URL… seems not to be able to read lists of UIDs, even though “Send Data to page…” lets us send them. Bubble is so dumb sometimes. :man_shrugging:

But I suppose this also might be useful if you have some API that is sending you Bubble UIDs as text or something. Anyway, look at all the value you’re getting from your smart investment in Floppy!

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