Focus group floats overtop of element it is focused to on phone

I am having trouble with my autocomplete functionality that I set up but only on my phone (it works perfectly on the computer). Given I can’t upload a video here, I will show you a few screenshots from my screen recording from my phone

Here I have typed in the letters “Del” into my input. You can’t see it because it’s covered by the keyboard, but below it are the autocomplete results.

As I scroll down:

And further:

And a bit more:

In the last one, you can see cursur underneath the word “Chianti”. The focus group which holds my autcomplete repeating group doesn’t stay stuck (for lack of a better term) to the input. It works fine on a computer but not on my phone.

Any help would be super appreciated.

Other than a responsive issue, check iPhone zoom settings in … the settings tab

If you mean tick the checkbox for “prevent user from zooming”, I just tried that an still the same problem.

Consider a searchbox instead

Instead of a group focus?

Yeap and they have their own listing of findings that should play well in mobile

Hi cmarchan. I have encountered the same issue as above, except my focus group is attached to a search box (so I can’t do what’s you mentioned above) and shows the results typed in the the search box input. This allows the user to use a more broader search such as area or type and the focus group will return a list of thoses users containing or matching. would you know of a work around by any chance, the app will mainly be used on phone thats all?