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Focus group response

I have encountered a problem with my focus groups responses but only on phones. if you do not have the app positioned perfectly on your phone screen, the focus group will overlap the search box so you can’t see what your typing, the results will still show if you manage to make no spelling mistakes or spell part of it right but it is really ugly and almost spoils the rest of the site just that one hiccup.

My focus group is attached to a search box and displays the results typed in the the search box input.
This allows the user to make exact searches or to use to search box more broadly & search things such as area or type and the focus group will return a list of thoses users containing or matching. would you know of a work around by any chance, the app will mainly be used on phone that’s all?

Thank you to anybody who reads this and an extra thank you to anybody with some advice.

Sounds really frustrating!
Could you share a screenshot?

Yes I can. here you go, this is only a problem on my phone. the first two screenshots show the screen being covered by the focus group. Bear in mind that the search box is positioned behind the focus group at this point. Before clicking the search box it’s seen clearly and position perfectly on the screen.

In the second two screen shots is when I have clicked the search box and moved my screen slightly up or down to find the perfect position for the focus group to sit so I am able to visibly type into the search box and retrieve its results with no trouble at all.

NOTE: If you click the search box with your screen in the right position you will not have to move your screen up or down.

here are the first two screenshots
fully coverd searchbox

and here are the last two
semi perfect postion again

I would recommend switching from a focus group to a regular group placed just under the search bar.

You can set up conditional visibility on this group - so if there are no results or if nothing is being searched, this group remains invisible.
Then check the ‘collapse group when hidden’ checkbox in the group’s ‘appearance’ settings

This way your focus group won’t overlap the page and it also won’t affect the rest of the elements on it.

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