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Looking for help with when a user follow another member, I want that user to see user post in their dashboard. I was able to see other post in dashboard but it was for all the user. please assist if possible.


P.s i can send like for access for a closer look…

Hi there,

Send me a link and I will have a look.

But what you will need to do is have a “Followed Users” field on your user table, which is a list of users.

Then filter your posts on where Post’s Creator is in Current User’s Followed Users.

A little like this …

Hello Nigel,

I sent link, I will try this with my app…thx

Hey Nigel,

That didn’t work for me because I am using filters so only the creator that is creating post can see in dashboard.

Yes, I saw that.

So should they see their own posts and people they follow?

yes. I would users to only see the post they create and users they are following…

I switched from filtered to adding constraint on search and it currently works. Now just trying to find out how to show post the user is following…

You can use the :merged function to add together 1) the users posts 2) the followed posts.

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