How to add a bottom row in RG

Hi everyone,

How can we add a bottom row/footer in a repeating group, similar to a header using a conditional: “when current cell’s index is 1 = is visible”?

Use case: Bottom row showing total calculations from number entries in the above RG. It’s useful when the header is within the RG it can horizontally scroll aligned with the data. Looking for the same experience with the footer row.



I have a question: Is your RG list vertically scrollable or is it set as fixed rows and pagination?

If its a fixed row, you can do the same as the header with conditional "when current cell’s index is 8 (fixed Number rows of the RG list) and the footer group should be on the bottom

Hey @ jasonturo, whenever you create a group using row in repeating group, Group using container layout chose space between, left side this repeating group data display current cell’s index is 1 and right side visible button.

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