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For the "Rescale" option of for images, is the random margin permanent?

As you can see in the image below, the white space on the left can’t be removed. Will this Rescaling margin always show up?

Also, will the image uploader ever allow the app creator (me) to preset the dimensions of the uploaded image?


I can’t really determine what white space you’re specifying? The screenshot is pretty small…

As far as margins, I work in the Responsive menu a lot.

Within the responsive view, after clicking on an element, there’s an option to “Explain box margins”. That helped me a lot to get my margins under control.

The responsive setting video tutorial within bubble’s documentation helped me understand how margins are addressed in bubble a lot clearer

As far as manipulating image dimensions within bubble, I’ve not heard if that’s in the works or not. With all the easily accessible tools online, I don’t see a strong need for it.

If this didn’t help solve your problem, recreating your problem in a public app then sharing your app’s link is always useful in getting a quick response. :sweat_smile: