Force Download within a workflow (PDF and Images)

Hi, i wonder if anyone is able to help? I need to be able to force download of some files / pdfs instead of opening them. For one i don’t like the fact we cannot remove the bubble url from the link and it would be more user friendly for what i’m needing.

Ive tried various html within the workflow, the main issue i’m seeing is the 20% where the space is between the <a href before the dynamic link as pictured.

If anyone has any fixes it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Ah! You don’t need any of the HTML <a href> tags in your destination, regardless of what you’re doing in Bubble. Try just making the destination the Search for unbranded wcs:first item's PDF as File. If that doesn’t work (sometimes, based on the plugin), see if they have an option to pass the URL or the value itself.

Thank you, i managed to find a plugin that did the trick. Thank you for you help :smiley:

please share the plugin details. I was looking for a similar solution.