Page load not triggering single page apps

If I’m not mistaken, the “page load” workflow used to trigger even when going to the same page user is on AS LONG AS the url changed. Ex: currently on page index, no url params. Workflow: navigation>go to page>index>send additional parameters>p=1 would always trigger the page load workflow.

Did this change? I’m relying on it for my navigation animations.

From memory, when you change URL page (with the same URL page) and add values, it doesn’t refresh (page load again). Only the URL changed.

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Oops my bad, I just wasn’t changing params correctly. Mod delete this thread pls.

Yes, but you can force trigger the page load workflow even if you don’t leave the page. Very useful for showing conditionals, without refreshing the actual page (single page design) :slight_smile:
Thanks for your reply m8!

It’s ok :slight_smile: I was thinking you can use the Open on External Website command.