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for example i have users online and i want to force their page to refresh when i clicked a REFRESH ALL button i know that bubble has auto refresh but i need this for some reason.


I see that @sridharan.s is writing… but I don’t think this is possible. The question then is this, “What is it you’re actually trying to do?” (Because there’s certainly a way to do it, but you’ve put the cart before the horse… You’re saying, “I need a cart.” You most likely don’t. You need to describe the horse for us.)

The right solution for this mostly depends on some additional details for what you’re trying to do. Anyhow, a few ideas:

  1. Copy the page and link to the replica. This will auto-refresh everything because it is, in fact, a new page. Then, on the replica link back to the original when someone clicks refresh.
  2. Set new data sources for RGs if that’s all you need to refresh - you can use the same calculations but update them with a workflow. I presume that would work.
  3. You could probably add a custom state to the page and have dynamic content only shown when it’s value is, say, yes. So, run a workflow to turn that value to no wait 50ms and then turn it back to yes. I assume this will cause everything to recalculate but I’m not certain.
  4. If you just need the user to think you’ve refreshed the page, then that’s different altogether. I’d just put everything in a group, hide it for a few milliseconds, scroll to the top, and then unhide all of it.

Again, the right solution really just depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

the reason why i need to force refresh of all users online is because i have a Do When Condition is True that will be triggered by refreshing their page

Do when condition true workflows are run server side (if they’re being calculated based on data in the database anyway). And, these fire automatically without you doing anything. So, no need to refresh the page.

Additionally, if you want to force it to run when a user clicks a refresh button, then just use the button to run the workflow instead (or in addition to do when condition is true).

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