Forest Admin Backend SAAS. Match with Bubble?

Hi Emmanuel,

Have you ever heard about Forest Admin?

It’s a full backend admin SAAS with a free tier service. It can run on Nodejs and query Postgresql databases.

Do you think it could be fitted in the roadmap? Or even sponsored.

I really see a match between bubble and this piece of software because it addresses a requirement that the great majority of bubblers and any other developer suffer: devoting time for an admin backend.

It’s like the App Data Tab on steroids. During the initial development phase it’s a time saver and it can be kept during the live phase if needed. It also addresses privacy in a very smart manner.

What are your thoughts?

Live demo


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Have you tried connecting your Bubble app’s data to Forest Admin?


This may work… [New Feature] Database connector

That’s for reading external DBs. Not to read Bubble’s database. But thanks anyway :slight_smile:

I’ll leave @emmanuel or @josh to answer this one as it’s quite more technical. It needs to hook directly into Bubble’s postgresql database.