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Native app database

Hi there!

I’m currently designing a native app, and I wanted to learn of different ways to manage the database without having to do it from the Bubble platform (ie. through the same app, blockspring, etc.).

My question is this: is it possible to build an administator backend that is a webpage, even though I’m building a native app to eventually submit to the Apple Store? can I manage a native app’s database from a website?

Any help is much appreciated!

You could create a new webpage that is not the page that you are turning into an app. In that webpage, you could password protect it so that only you can login into. In that page you build your admin panel to manage the data. Likely that in your data privacy area you will have to create an admin role for you to have access to the data you need to see.

That said, I am new to this (30+ days) so I am not sure if you can mix web apps and mobile apps within the same Bubble app.

Yes, you can mix both into one app. Like you said, you just need to write conditional workflows to hide the native page or redirect if the user is logged into the admin panel. Completely fine to have both on the same app as they will both share the same databases in Bubble.

Alternatively, you might build API endpoints from the native app to the admin app in order to keep them securely separated at scale.

@trujillo345 - if you want to host your database externally (SQL, DBaaS, etc.) that’s possible using Bubble’s API connector. I originally hosted all of my data externally, but eventually migrated everything into Bubble in order to save development time and optimize performance (i.e. speed the user experiences when using the app)…haven’t looked back since. That said, you just have to take note of limit rates with the service hosting your data and integrate pagination if needed…another reason I moved things to the Bubble side for simplicity sake. A “native app’s database” can be hosted anywhere, including Bubble (which is hosted on AWS and completely scalable).

Thanks for your help! I will look into it!

@mente12 thanks!