Form button does not trigger when Enter key pressed in input

I have a group that contains two inputs (one text and one location search) and a button. I can see in the element tree they are all within the same group. I double-checked to make sure the inputs do not have Prevent “enter” key from submitting checked. I’ve read that if you press Enter in the inputs, the click event of the button in same group should be fired. However, I’m not seeing that behavior. Any ideas what could be preventing it?

If the button triggers a function that requires any or all of those inputs. And if those inputs are set not to be empty then the button will not fire the flow.

Check for any of the above and make the preferred changes.

Both the inputs are set to allow empty.

The workflow associated with the button click does use those inputs for a search, but Ignore empty constraints is set. The button action fires if I click, but not if I hit Enter in the inputs.

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