Form post of image in bubble

I am attempting to upload an image to s3 to use with AWS Rekognition.

I have a node based REST service to do most of the heaving lifting. I will need to upload a picture in bubble to my s3 bucket to do the image text recognition.

My REST service seems to work when testing via this sample web page:

I am attempting to do the same thing in bubble. I’ve wrapped the REST call via the API connector.
The API connector definition seems to be fine, it is validated and shows as an action option.

I can’t figure out how to pass the base64 encoded image data to the service via the API connector.
I’ve tried a number of bubble options for the image post but without success.

I could change the service to accept an s3 image link and pull the data but I would rather not - I’d have to make the images public.

Am I missing something? Is there a better approach?

Have you tried the base64 plugin from @jarrad?

or monthly:


Encodes/Decodes Various Encryption & Encoding Methods. We will continue to add Ciphers, Encryption Methods & Encoding’s

Check this out.