Formatted number is a text data type?

Hi everyone,

I’m building an e-commerce website. During the checkout, the “final cost” = “item price” + “shipping cost”. “Final costs” is a number., as well as item price and shipping cost.

In my example, my “Item price” = 47.2 $ and my “Shipping Cost” = 8.95 $.
BUT, my “Final Cost”=56.150000006.

So I tried to make :formatted as 56.15. However, Final Cost:formatted as is now a text data and no longer a number, and it’s not working with all my workflow.

Is there anyone who know why is there this “000006” and how can I format my number ?

Many thanks

As soon as you use ‘Formatted as’ on any number or date, it becomes a text type.

In your case, use ‘rounded to’ 2 instead of ‘formatted as’ to get the final cost to 2 decimal places. That will keep the value as a ‘Number’ type.

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Oh ok thanks for your help !


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