Formatting copy that's manually uploaded to the App Data


I’m adding copy manually to my ‘App Data’ for one of the Data types and would like to be able to do some basic formatting including making text bold, and adding a few hyperlinks. So far, I’ve been able to use HTML (“text” to make the copy appear bold.

Has anyone had any success in hyperlinking copy? If yes, how did you manage to make it work?

You can use bbCode.
This is similar to html but easier to implement.

It’s what Bubble uses by default to format text.
So if you enter valid bbCode in a text element, it will render it on Bubble.

You can generate bbCode using a tool like this one:
and then add it to the app data.

On your Bubble editor, simply create a text are with this as the dynamic data in it.
And your formatted text will appear.

Hope that helps.

Ranjit | Blur Apps

I would consider using a WYSIWYG framework to take care of all formatting / hyperlinks etc.
There’s tonnes of options out there and quite a few Bubble plugins to support.

This one might be a good fit?

I use Froala though but it’s not free.

Thank you for such a speedy response!

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Thank you! The above worked. I’ll check out what you’ve shared too!