Formatting output from repeating group within repeating group

Hi All

I am hitting a roadblock with formatting the output from a repeating group within a repeating group

In my app users are able to create their own agenda items for a meeting, and for each agenda item created, we provide the ability to record notes and actions against it.

Essentially i’m trying to reflect data from a repeating group within a repeating group.

Below is the data models:


When a user creates an agenda item a container is created. And for each note or action created against an agenda item, we create a container content record.

In the output I’m trying to show the title of the container and each of the container content records that relate to the container in a bullet pointed list.

Below is what the output is looking like:

For example, under Wins, there should 3 bullet points, not 1, it should look as follows:


  • Amazing meeting canvas and pdf
  • Win 1
  • Win 2

This is how i have strucutred the output:

Is there anything anyone can see that i can change to get the formatting I am trying to achieve as shown below?

Container title 1

  • Container content 1
  • Container content 2

Container title 2

  • Container content 1
  • Container content 2


Hi Robbie,

You can put a repeating group for container contents within the main repeating group.
Then you can format the contents of the child repeating group as needed and it will render the way you want it to.

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Hi @robbie80,

To achieve this;

  1. Add format as text to the end of your expression

  2. for the content to show per list item, copy-paste a normal bullet point from your computer and add the expression for what should be shown

  3. For the delimiter, just hit enter on your keyboard, as if you’re trying to move the next line – to create a line break

And there you have it, you should have your list now formatted as bullet points


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