Free Guide - Send text messages with Twilio


Text messages have the highest open rate of any communication media today. Learn how to send text messages right from your Bubble application with the Twilio API.



Did you know? This guide was made possible by six Bubblers chipping in through Guides by CoBubble.


Well done!! thanks for sharing!!

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All the praise goes to this guide’s six Bubbler sponsors! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the guys that chipped in. Well done!

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@iamsalar Question regarding Twilio. For all numbers that does not use +1 infront I get an error saying that the number is not a valid number. I.e. for South Africa +27 the numbers are not valid. I haven’t been able to get assistance from Twilio as yet.

Thanks Ray

Hey @raymond! That’s definitely something to take up with Twilio directly. Let us all know what you find!

So helpful!

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Awesome guide.


Thank you for the guide. I did everything like in the guide and have this issue:
So I had to buy a phone number form Twilio since the country I am residing doesn’t support sms.
I chose phone number form Sweden and the number which I verified and used is from Denmark:

When I try the API call it give me this error:

So it appears that either bubble or Twilio want’s to use the same country code as From number and puts it in front of To number although I already have country code for To number, therefore it doesn’t identify it as valid number.

@emmanuel is this bubble or Twilio problem?

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@iamsalar my client told me that it’s a paid account but Twillio confirmed he only has a trial account. It seems like this might be the problem. Will keep you updated if I find anything else.

Ray | appSimplicity

@alvis I have the same issue but I’ve just found out that my client is on a trial account and not a paid account. Apparently that seems to be the problem. I don’t know if it will be the same for you.

Ray | appSimplicity

@raymond I just upgraded my Twilio account and nothing has changed, error stays the same

@alvis Thanks for letting me know. That’s a concern because that’s the info I got from Twilio. I’ll see if I can find anything else out.

Ray | appSmplicity


I think you will need to put the + in before the country code, without it the Twillio docs say it will default to the code of the from number.

Also, Twillio uses the same “Invalid Number” message for both numbers that aren’t phone numbers as well as “You can’t do that from this number” so for trial accounts you will need the from and the to both be verified. If they aren’t it gives you the same message.

Still doesn’t work. I upgraded my account, bought different numbers from different countries and sent sms to bunch of numbers. Tried it with or without +/country code etc.
If I send sms from Twilio account it works but when I do it from bubble it doesn’t.
Here is how the log looks like from bubble:

and here is the same sms in Twilio:

Running out of options here @emmanuel

Found a solution - to use Plivo :expressionless:

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Tried it as well with no luck but on @levon site I can send to my number.

well if the from number has the same country code as to number then it works. anyway Plivo works well.

i use a paid account at Twilio and have a “from number” assigned to my account. Thus messages can be sent anywhere. I guess that’s the reason.


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