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🗓 [FREE Plugin] Air Date/Time Picker

Thats odd. Not to point out the obvious, but have you tried refreshing the page after upgrading. I’ve sometimes noticed this is required.

Pointing out the obvious is needed sometimes as it seems - refreshing the page has worked, thanks for the hint. :smiley:

@reger-alexander No worries :wink:

@seanhoots I’ve upgraded to version 3.1.0 and this has fixed the issue I’ve been experiencing with the selection of date range and the start and end date swapping over. Much appreciated. @Bfanti upgrade to latest version for fix.

Awesome !! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi @seanhoots, I am getting a bunch of maximum call stack exceeded errors in the bubble console that are not related to the formatting issues, in fact the date pickers are not populating with the initial values. See attached screenshot.

@seanhoots, a quick follow up on this. This is really strange but I’m noticing that the airpickers populate normally every time if I have _debugmode=true turned off. But when I turn it back on there’s a much greater possibility that the pickers won’t load the dates properly.

This may sound weird but I’m getting the impression that just by virtue of having the bubble debugger on the bottom of the page, there’s too much JS being executed and the pickers just can’t handle it, or it keeps calling a function that loops over and over. Looks fine for now but just something to keep in mind.

You should file a bug report to Bubble if that is the case.

Beginning with version 3.0.0 (I think), setting the picker’s value in a workflow produces the error, “The plugin Air Date/Time Picker / action clear picker a Air Date/Time Picker threw the following error: dp is not defined”.


This seems to be the offending action:

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@laurence yes I am experiencing the same error when trying to clear a picker of it’s value, throws that error.

Thanks for letting me know.
Will push a fix tonight.

Is this a recent development for you?

Just today, I make the classic developer’s mistake of updating a bunch of plugins assuming all would be well before testing. Uggh!

@laurence yeah you gotta make sure to run through all of the combinations with the new plugin versions before pushing to live to make sure everything works correctly but sometimes things catch you by surprise.

Hi @laurence, @jonathan.timianko,
I’ve fixed the clear picker action bug (was just some typo).

Update your plugin to version v 3.1.1

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Hi @seanhoots thanks I don’t get the error message anymore. However, one thing I noticed is that after you clear the picker, the picker still considers itself as having the original value that was entered. Is that supposed to be the case? The picker does get reset visually but I tried to both reset it and clear it and the value is still held in the background.

When you reset, the picker will still have a value which was the initial value of the picker when it was instantiated.
So resetting doesn’t necessarily clear the picker.

If you want to set the picker value to empty, you can use the set date action and leave the date field blank, this way you’re setting the picker to an empty (null) value.

The clear action should have the same effect as setting a date to empty. So if it’s not behaving that way then its a bug.
In the meantime just use the set date action. Should work the same

Thanks for that context, I am actually having trouble clearing the picker of a value using the methods you described. I can confirm that my input does not have an initial date/time and is not set to autobinding.

When I do set date, if I choose a different date/time than what’s in the picker already, it does change to that new date, but it will not clear the picker of a value in any situation.

What happens when you use the set date action and don’t provide any date?

Thanks. I’ll give it a go in a few days, when things settle down with alpha testing.

So interestingly the picker clears of the value but the value still stays embedded within the picker as a reference.

Check out the following loom video. I can confirm that as a part of this workflow, when a user clicks the No radio button, the only workflow action in the background is to set the visit date picker to null.

The reference date that just doens’t go way is highlighted below the map in the video

Ok will take a look at it later.