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Free Plugin - OAuth login (SSO) with 7 identity providers

Hey @Christophe_HK

Instagram is not yet covered but we could definitely add support for it (it shouldnt take us too long to add this).

If I understand the profile picture question correctly, once the user logs in, you will have access to the profile picture for use in your app.

It however, makes sense for you to retrieve the information and store it against the users database in your Bubble app. That way, you wouldnt have to work with the SSOProfile as your login workflow should align with the current user and then the rest of your app should only interact with the currently user.


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Many thanks @Pathfix / Ron for your feedback, appreciated.

Most of my app users come from Instagram - and interact with Instagram. So adding support for Instagram would be awesome :pray:t2::+1:t2:

Sounds great @Christophe_HK we will look into adding Instagram as an additional provider to the SSO plugin.

I’ll keep you posted on our progress

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@Pathfix Have you seen the Open ID Connect specification for SSO profiles ?

@NigelG yes, open ID sits on top of OAuth :slight_smile:

I’m looking to offer a dual login method for existing users. The issue is that if my existing users see ‘Sign In With Google’ on the login page they will naturally click that first if they have a gmail account. I wanted to know if pathfix has a solution to handle the use case for a non-SSO existing user clicking on the SSO sign in? (i.e. associating SSO to an existing Bubble account on login)

Hey @messly the only way a user can sign in is using the ‘Current user’ in Bubble. If the user has already been created, then creating a secondary user with the ID instead of the email might do it for you but all of the other mappings would be a bit of a nightmare.

However, you could add a column to check whether the user has previously logged in using SSO or id/pw and show the user a message accordingly.

Ok I see. So would it be possible to create a conditional logic where if a user who hasn’t previously created their account with SSO tries to login with SSO, I can prompt them to login normally without creating them a new account?

Yes, this is possible. It would be a simple workflow that I would’ve suggested as well :slight_smile:

Hi @Pathfix, Im new to the world of OAuth. I remember manually managing social logins on bubble 2 years ago and it took me a few days to get it working, so the work you are doing is amazing.

Can you share, what your difference is with something like Auth0 SSO?

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Thanks so much for the kind words @LWeiLi :heart:

Pathfix focuses on more than just Identity. We are an integration platform that simplifies all aspects of integration - Authentication, Authorization, APIs and pretty soon, Automations (the 4 A’s of Integration).

More importantly, we don’t store ANY data (user or any other). We fetch the data and send it directly to your database. We believe its a more secure way and users never have to worry about their data sitting somewhere else.

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I see, that make sense now looking at your app. Thanks for clarifying.

I really want to go ahead with this, I’ve even subscribed already. However, I can’t find a way to manage dual logins, ie, letting exisiting non OAuth users add additional external OAuth providers.

This is natively supported by Bubble’s Social Login: Authenticating Users - Bubble Docs

Would you say that dual/multi logins will not be a use case for this SSO Plugin?

Hey @LWeiLi here’s our earlier response on dual logina nd how youc an handle this:

What we also recommend is setting up a small workflow to check if the user already exists and show them a message to signup using id/pw instead