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Free Plugin - OAuth login (SSO) with 7 identity providers

Huge Kudos to Ron on the support desk.

So still not entirely sure of all issues (one was Brave browser related, doubtless others were idiot user [me] related) - also had set up using an older video link.

But in relation to the password question I raised earlier, Ron put me on to a much more secure login workflow:

Assign Temp Password to user matching SSO Profile Email (does nothing if no match)
Sign up (if … count is 0) using result of step 1 as password
Log user in using result of step 1 as password

Much nicer.


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Thanks so much @andrew.waites :blue_heart:

We are working on adding the documentation for the Temporary password option as well. :+1:

I have the exact same thing.

The screen showed when I set it up initially, but now, nothing.

Any ideas on why the SSO UI doesn’t show anything? @Pathfix

Hey @herman1 you will need to add a logout workflow and add the provider integration to your account for it to show.

But I understand this is now resolved? :slight_smile:

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Yes, thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey @pathfix once the user is logged in I cannot navigate to home page (or any event in workflow). It does not go to home page like in your tutorial. Thanks

Hey @daniellemclean you would need to add a step in the workflow to navigate to a different page. Let’s get this going together, ping us on our live chat support (via your Pathfix dashboard) and we can walk you through the setup

i got it working, thanks!

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