[Free Plugin] Trix Rich Text Editor


We just built & published the Trix Rich Text Editor plugin. Its available for free.
Once you install, you will see a new element ‘Trix Editor’ in your elements tab.

Happy Bubbling! Have a great weekend.



This looks great, @gaurav. Thanks for the contribution. Is there any particular reason why it is a visual rather than an input element? I went to replace a multiline input I have in an app with your editor and it wasn’t available.

Making it an input element might also allow one to reset its value with a reset inputs action (but I think you would need to enable this).

Looks like a great addition to Bubble, though. Thanks again.


@louisadekoya were you able to get this to work? @gaurav do you have an app that shows how to use this plugin? I struggle to get it to store the data I am putting in.

I haven’t added the plugin properly to an app yet but I did a quick test at the time and was able to save text. To see the added data in the app you may need to use a text field in rich text mode a html element.

Once you put the element on a page you can refer to the elements’s content (similar to how you’d refer to an inputs’ value using the dynamic expression generator). I don’t have an app handy at the moment but maybe @kramwe does?

I store the output as a text field. What error are you seeing?

I want to use this as a sort of regular multiline input, where the content changes depending on parent groups data. So I am able to store the output, but when I open up a new task with new data, the content from the last Trixeditor still shows up, and not the content that the parents group contains. It seems like it does not resets the input or something.
Is this something it is meant to do, or am I operating outside the scope of this plugin?

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Hi Louisadekoya, I am trying to save the text content within the Trix Rich Text Editor plugin as a PDF, and save it to an external cloud database or email address. While I can create a workflow for converting to the PDF, can you recommend any ways I can then send the PDF to this external cloud database or email address? Thanks so much! Regards, Mark

So this is more about attaching a pdf to an email in Bubble than about the Trix Editor, right? I don’t have much experience with that I’m afraid. I did a quick search for ‘pdf email’ and whilst there were lots of results, none seemed too helpful. This one at least seems to provide a starting point.

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Yeah, this plugin needs to change to an input. Being a visual element, you cannot auto-bind it to existing content.

Hopefully the dev doesn’t something about it–would love to use it, once it is.

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This plugin doesn’t work, not able to see the text editor

@gaurav is this text plugin offering any differerent features than the other free text editors out there already ?

If you are experimenting to improve text editor, the current ones have an issue. When we paste an image, they cannot be resized within the editor. Even if you take a snapshot with your desired dimensions, when we paste it still might scale up as a big-unmanegable image.

It would be cool to have an editor which over comes this and offers a bit more intuative experience to users overall.

@Prashant not sure what other free text editors out there have. The plugin is quite old. I’d built it due to request by @kramwe. Maybe she can share some comparisions.

I doubt the library itself supports the resizing of image. Can you check if you are able to do so at https://trix-editor.org/


Changed it to input

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I guess Trix-Editor could be preconfigured almost like a template from the example they have on that site link.

If so this will be very useful (Over other free editors) as the user can just type at the prompts or paste over images to replace them to the exact size.

However I couldnt do this on your free plugin and the pasted image just expands. I also not sure how to set up this initial template. If the plugin provides instructions to set template and / or comnes with predefined formatting it will standapart from others and usefull ! ’

I welcome anyother info about trix as I havent used it before but really am trying to find a good editor.

@gaurav Thanks for the editor.

It still doesn’t seem to be recognized as an input. (I can’t resent the values in there like other inputs)

Additionally, auto-bind etc doesn’t seem to be working.

Last thing is the box around the text. It seems expand as there is more text. Why isn’t it automatically the size of the Editor? rich%20text%20editor


Any updates to @Martin’s question? The text box does expand as more content is added to the box, however the container doesn’t expand, so it cuts off the top menu.

This text editor library is fairly limited in terms of capability. About a week ago, I’ve released a way more powerful & capable text editor as part of the Bubble developer kit. Feel free to check it out. Bubble thread here:

Better Text editor works really well. I’d recommend it.

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Thanks, using the Better Text editor now. What element should I use to display the rich text? I am just using a text element, but none of the formatting comes through. I see all of the markdown code.