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[Free Plugin] Wonderful Image Slider - UPDATE

Hi everybody,

I am sorry for my late answer. Ver 1.9 is online.

We were encoding the question mark and converting it to “% 3F”. When the url is decode, the url would have more than one question mark. To overcome this, we re-encoded “% 3F”.

Apart from solving the problems, we added Imgix parameters to the property editor so that you can manipulate them as you wish.

Don’t forget to refresh your editor after upgrading the plugin!

@juicebox. Thank you very much for your feedback! Please notify us of the results.


Hi @eren,

Thank you for resolving this. It has definitely fixed the majority of my images but I still have a few which are broken. An example below;

Version 1.7 (works);

Version 1.9 (doesn’t work, 403);,enhance,&dpr=2&fit=crop

Displayed in a standard Bubble image element (works);

I’m wondering if the issue is the ‘=’ and/or ‘,’ symbol (or any symbol for that matter) in the original URL when completely decoded. Bubble clearly has some way of managing this for their elements but I’m not sure how.

As for the new Imgix settings - they seem to be more or less working but I haven’t been able to give them a robust test yet.

We’ve posted a fix for all special characters etc.

Hope it will work smoothly!

Don’t forget to upgrade to the new version and refresh the editor!

Have a good weekend

@eren hey bud, any chance the plugin can accept a 1 image file as a image source? Use case: if a thing’s list of photos are empty, display a single other (dynamic) photo.

Thanks @eren,

This has fixed nearly all situations but I’m still having issues with a small number of images and can’t work out why.

Version 1.7:

Version 1.10:,enhance,&q=75&dpr=2&fit=crop

Native Bubble image element:

I wish that I could set the file name when uploading via the Bubble image uploader as I would simply md5 hash it and we wouldn’t have any issues like this.

Providing the path is dynamic, you can use :converted to list at the end to make the input accept it.


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Thank you @juicebox

This was a space issue, not a character, we posted an update in it! V1.11

Please let me know.


Hi @eren,

Thanks! Can confirm that it fixed that example for me. I ended up coming across other examples today where it wasn’t working correctly (I think because of a comma due to the image being saved directly off a URL that was also using Imgix and had auto=format,compress).

S3 image;

Version 1.11:,&dpr=2&fit=max

I ended up deciding I should use Croppie to help set the file name as an MD5 hash and so in future, no file names should be so difficult, but kept running into CORS issues. Even when I resolved that, it sometimes insists on cropping the image when really I just need some plugin that will change the file name. It really has been such a journey.

I’m also skeptical about using Croppie as it seems that there are some browser support issues which have cropped up in the last couple of months.

Glad it was resolved!

I don’t think it is like that. There is no error in the usage form in the documentation. Please check it out.

I could not reach the S3 image either.

It’s a very capable plugin but may not be supported anymore. I’m sure there are similar ones in the marketplace.

Thanks again for your feedback!

Good week everyone!

You’re right, it’s not working anymore. Here’s a similar example;


Version 1.11:,enhance,&q=75&dpr=2&fit=crop

I’m not getting that option on a singular image object

Try “Parent group’s Package’s Vendor:converted to list’s Logo”.

This is a wonderful plug-in @eren. Many thanks
I’m having one issue with it right now. It doesn’t autoload changes in my multi-file uploader

For example

  • Wonderful slider on page, source is connected to multiuploader’s value (on the same page)
  • I upload 2 images to multiuploader - the preview renders perfect.
  • I decide I want to add another image, so I upload one more image.
  • Wonderful slider doesn’t refresh to the change thats happened in multi-uploader

Is there a way to work around this?

Are you able to share a link to your editor?

Without diving into it, top of mind for me would be adding two workflow actions that are triggered each time a file is uploaded via the multi-file uploader. I’d recommend reading this comment; [Free Plugin] Wonderful Image Slider - UPDATE

I’m not sure that the multi-file uploader offers any events for you to trigger this off, so you might have to play around with setting custom states and using the ‘Do when condition is true’ workflow trigger.


Ah that comment’s fix worked. Thank you!

Hi @eren,

Just another feature enhancement for perhaps another day, but it would be great if we were able to add alt text to each of the images for SEO? It’s simply stored in another field in the same table, just need to be able to dynamically reference it.

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Duly noted!

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Hey @eren, did you have a chance to look at this?