Hourly rate as a Bubble developer

Hey all!

I’ve put together this survey to help us as Bubble developers charge a fair hourly rate.

It takes 1-2 minutes to finish the survey and then soon you’ll be able to compare your hourly rate to other Bubble developers based on your level of experience. Results will be shared soon.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


If you don’t want to share your email, the stats will also be available on www.nocodeacademy.co within a few weeks.

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The type form embed says form closed :slight_smile:

Thank you! It is now fixed :slight_smile:

Hey Joe, amazing idea. Though of something similar already in the past already. Thanks for creating it. Curious about seeing some statistics. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! We will soon upload the results to the website www.nocodeacademy.co and also send it to your email if you shared your email with us :slight_smile:
We will update the results along the way as we count on getting more replies.

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Hey again!

We’ve collected over 70 replies on this survey. We will collect replies to the end of the week and then share the results.

Haven’t contributed yet? Please fill out this 1 minute survey about your hourly rate as a Bubble freelancer.
With the results you can determine whether your current hourly rate is fair based on your location and level of experience.

Thank you!

Hi all! We are excited to release the Bubble Developer Salary Guide.
Based on the analysis, we learned that every six months you should increase your rates! Learn how much your rates should increase in our blog post with all the results.



Hey great info! Bravo👏

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