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Hi all,

I’ve recently started a company to help people with ideas to start viable online business… yip, a startup to help startups.

For the last 10 years I’ve led product development teams, UI/UX designers, and managed over $1 million a month in online performance advertising through Google, Facebook and DSPs. Feel free to check my LinkedIn profile.

Since I’m starting off, I’m looking for projects to add to Viably’s development portfolio and in return I’m offering large discounts (project based pricing) with a no-risk, satisfaction guarantee. You only pay on delivery.

I’m looking for testimonials and referrals, so you can count on great work.

Excited to help anyone that’s looking to build a project start to finish.
Contact me and lets make something awesome!

Benito Alvarez



PM sent

pm me

Benito has been working with me on a few projects over the last month or more, and has impressed so I thought I’d help spread the word.

He is sharp and fantastically talented. He has shown an uncanny ability to understand what our business really needs and the skills to deliver it. He has quickly understood our business goals and their implications on these projects and has proactively found smart ways to add value that’s in line with our needs.

Plus, he has tremendous customer empathy, user experience design, and general problem solving skills. His first drafts are superior to many people’s finished projects, and he works so quickly.

Welcome to the community Benito!


Wow, now that’s a review, I really appreciate it!
I have to say that it’s mutual, Scott couldn’t be nicer and makes working a joy. His company is a values first company which actually really cares about its community… not just an empty slogan. Very refreshing and inspiring.


I have also had the luck and distinct pleasure have been working with Benito over the past couple months; I have to give him some props…

He has helped develop our MVP from some crude wireframes and whitepaper to the amazing package we are going live with shortly. Without his vast repertoire of design and development experience i shudder to think of whom we would have wound up with.

He has been fast, efficient and intuitive. I have been truly blessed to have engaged him when I did.

Thanks a tonne Benito!

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Thanks so much Aaron, you’re too kind, now Let’s get this bad boy launched!

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Hi Benito!
New to this community and familiarizing myself with bubble software. I have had a project in mind for some time now and am curious if you would be interested helping to create it.

The project is a web wholesale procurement platform built to streamline and modernize the process for buyers and sellers. Specifically geared towards the automotive industry. If it is something that intrigues you, I’m happy to discuss further details.


Gary S.

Hi Gary, thanks for reaching out I’ll send you a PM.

You can check out what Benito was able to create for me at

There is still some work in progress, but I’m super happy to have it up and running.


Hi Benitio

I am new to the community and have been building out my app but i am currently stuck and i would like to get the work done fast but good. would like to discuss with you and see if your skill set is just what the doctor ordered

I’ve sent you a PM

Hi, have sent you an email with questions, cheers! Alex

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Hi Benito - Can you PM me please? Thanks. Alexander

Hi Benito, can you PM me please.

This is May from Zombot Studio! We have a project that would need your help with. Can you please send a message to [email protected] or send me your email? So we can get further on the project details. Thanks!