Taking on projects (FREE!)

Hi guys,

I’m looking to start my own web dev company. With that said, I’ve only done projects for myself. So now I’m looking to take on outside projects. I’m an experienced bubble developer and can create your project quickly and efficiently.

I’m looking to take on three projects, absolutely free, to grow my portfolio.

Some requirements:

*Must be basic-intermediate in requirements. Cannot be a full fledged application such as Facebook, etc. Feel free to reach out to me and I’ll let you know if it’s too large in scope!

*Must come prepared with requirements and design. An existing website that you want to mirror in design will suffice. I’m here to develop, not design!

*Must be okay with me putting your project on my portfolio website. I’m doing this for free to build out my portfolio, duh!

*If I take on your project, I will complete it. With that said, I reserve the right to deny your project if I find it too lengthy in scope.

PM me or respond here if you’re interested! Let’s get this started, today.



Hi talbotnar, I’m Fabian.

I would love some help on a small simple app that I am currently trying to build. But since I am new to bubble, I am having difficulty setting up some of the functionality.

My app essentially is a version of “Guess the number of M&Ms in the jar”. Player will be able to submit their best guess. After a certain time (let’s say, a week) the person with the closest guess wins.

I do not have designs yet because I currently want to get the functionality right. Is this something you are interested in and could help me with?

Best wishes,

Hi Talbotnar,

Would love to take you up on your offer. I’m looking to build a dropshipping marketplace app that connects Suppliers with Sellers. This app integrates with the Shopify API and is similar in functionality to Oberlo.

Essentially, the main functions are importing products into merchant’s Shopify stores, sending order Information from buyers who purchased product from merchant and collecting payments from merchant placing orders from suppliers.

There are a few similar apps already on the market that you can reference. My use case is slightly different but all the core functions are essentially the same I can do the designs, just really need someone to assist with the Workflow and Shopify API integration.

Let me know if this is of interest to you.



Hi Talbotnar,

I am looking to develop an online small office management app with

  • customer DB
  • messaging between staff and management
  • task/project management
  • invoicing: a must have: variable item lines
  • Simple rental management
  • HR
  • and to top it all nice accounting reporting…

Right now I do all of this in a spreadsheet with the obvious slowdowns , errors and lack of enjoyable UI

This is for a small clinic in Belgium. Looking to scale and smoothen workflows.

Kind regards


Hi Fabian,

I replied to you through PM.


Hi Christian,

Unfortunately, this is a big undertaking for a site. If you’d like to strip it down by some components, let me know!


I just need a few pages, that are already built, to be made mobile friendly. It’s a relatively simple undertaking and can give you a way to practice the mobile friendly side of things. All front end, nothing back end required.
Let me know…

I’m not sure if this is a legitimate offer or not, as there is a similar post in another thread that is getting quite heated.

Are you still looking for projects Talbotnar?

I have a project that requires a single page app that links to a google calendar to display events for the next day. It also will provide a newsletter for those events each day.

Kind regards,


Hi @Nocodify,

Thanks for this post. If you’re still taking some, I’d gladly want to have a discussion with you on the requirements. Are you limited only to websites, or do you also do apps?

My requirement is fairly simple - It has a process that needs to be automated from a specific industry (construction).

So it’s kind of like data entry (purchase orders), 1 - 2 step approvals, and then a report of the expenses vs. the total contract price for a project.

We can discuss more if you’re still free.


Hi Tal, are you still taking on a project?

A little background…

  • List item
    Carpet cleaning company in Myrtle Beach, SC (service area 25 mile radius)
    Current website is built using wordpress
    Several keywords typically rank on first page

If your interested please contact me via PM for more details including website URL


can you pleese me me a cad for my community? thanks

There is a dedicated part of the forum for that, #cad-mdt. Don’t ask in the freelance category.

I’m interested. Simple journal type of app – I’d love for it to be a partnership because I still want to know what I’m doing. Let me know if that works!

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Why would anyone give their time like this for free. No vested interest in the project means unsuccessful outcome, every time.

I’d like to bet no one on here has ever had something successfully made for free.

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I am building a community app and would love to have help. I’ve scoped out the entire project and can send it to you. Even tried one or two features myself. Please reach out of you’re still accepting projects. Thank you!