Freezing in run mode only with debug off

Fighting a nasty app freeze problem all afternoon. The app freezes when loading a particular popup, but only if debug is off. Happens on dev or live, but never when debug is on.

Anybody have ideas on where to look?


Have you checked the console for errors ?

Chrome : Right click the page and choose “Inspect”.


We pushed a fix about this, can you check and let us know?

Seems to be fixed. Thanks @emmanuel. I’m new here, so some guidance would be helpful. Is an all out freeze of the app, without the popup of “temporary bug” an indication of a problem on your side, vs. a problem on my side? I’m trying to be a good citizen and fight my own fires, but also do not want to try and work issues out of my control.


It was an issue our automated testing didn’t catch, nothing on your end.

I get that, but I’m trying to decide if I should have reported this five hours earlier in order to a) get the fix out for everybody faster and b) save myself 5 hours of grief. I’ve had a few of these, so just trying to get a lay of the land so we all can be efficient.