Debug mode not working for me

Maybe a couple of weeks ago, debug mode stopped worked for me on all browsers.

I took a look at this thread:

And when I clicked on the debug mode link to other people’s apps, not only does the debug_mode parameter get stripped, but the debug mode itself doesn’t work. It still shows the “this page is higher than usual” with the white space at the bottom, but no console window.

The headscratcher is my console output:

It’s strange, because I’m currently logged in to the editor and have been iteratively making changes to my app, then hopping over to preview to test out the changes. I’m using the same browser (chrome) on the same device for both activities. Literally two tabs that I switch between.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Please make sure you are logged in with Bubble and can edit the application to see the debugger.

I’m already actively editing the app and am logged in. Editor open on one tab and app preview on another, both on Chrome.

Same for me. I haven’t been able to see the debug menu for months. I’m logged in. Even when I click “preview” I can see the debug_mode=true parameter in the URL bar but then it’s stripped out.

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