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From a RG to a temporary storage to Database


I’m desperately looking for a way to make this work. Any clue ? :slight_smile:


Recursive workflow :grinning:

hu ?

The real question is how to storage temporarily a list of “Type (from a RG list) + Dropdown value (input)” of a cell.

Never did “recursive workflow” but I read it’s about doing WF by itself, i can’t see how it could help here… What do you have in mind?? :slight_smile:


But, it’s still not related to my question :sweat_smile:

Please if you wanna help, try to understand my issue before giving answers :sweat_smile:

I think I am understanding what you want. Do you want to load a repeating group with data. Do you want to do a calculation (or more than 1) in each cell in the repeating group. Then you want to save the data from each cell as a new entry in the database. Does that sound accurate?