Frustration About How to Escalate an App Breaking Bug

Dear Bubble… (@neerja, @josh, @emmanuel)…

Folks I am feeling big frustration with Bubble right now. I the whole pricing question has dented my trust and left me feeling vulnerable. I am really struggling with this fact that the entire platform I rely on for the success of my product can suddenly create a bug in my product that I have absolutely no control over when will be fixed. It makes me very nervous about how I can reliably support my customers and have a viable product.

There was detailed discussion about this issue in a post I started back in May:

But I now find myself in a similar situation as before, where a bug has randomly appeared in Bubble which causes big problems for my app… I submitted a bug report 6 days ago, posted in the Bugs section here…

… but I have no idea when it will be fixed, no idea what to tell my clients, no idea how I am supposed to escalate the issue with Bubble, and no idea if Bubble will take it seriously enough to make it a priority.

Total dependence on the Bubble infrastructure without this procedure makes me very scared about having a serious Bubble based product.

Please, please, please can you folks at Bubble put a procedure in place for this?

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Dear Bubble… (@neerja, @josh, @emmanuel)…

Could one of you please give me a response to this post?

The bug mentioned has been fixed (thank you!), but the issue of how to escalate an app breaking bug for a rapid fix sadly remains… :frowning:

Many thanks!


@antony Sorry for the issues you’ve been hitting, we’re doing our best to fix them but we know it is taking some time. Our engineering team prioritizes bugs based on how widespread the issue is in terms of how many apps it impacts. Some apps due to a particular design pattern encounter a bug that is not experienced by other apps, we want to fix that too but it is prioritized after the more widespread bugs.

Is there a possibility of having a bubble portal/page that shows which bugs are being attended to, which ones are in queue, and lastly the ones we’ve submitted? Something like a Kanban board of sorts, where users can ‘upvote’ if they are experiencing the same issue.

This would increase transparency and allow everyone to know where they stand, and also decrease the number of support tickets you receive.


This is an excellent idea, also the Bubble team can add the approximate time that a bug will take to get fixed, which will give us the option to know what to tell our customers.


Abolutely Agree.
Got issue (like a lot of other) with file uploader. Because we plan to use another fileuploader, we just choose to switch right now even if the plugin was not 100% completed but functionnal. But need to fix this because it’s a core feature of the app. So even sending a ticket was not a priority :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (but done now). But if we can see it on a bug page/portal, we would not create a ticket if we already know that is reported and how much it’s apriority or not. I think it’s win/win for both side.

And maybe a button like: I’m facing the same issue. Will just contribute for you to know how many apps are affected.

I love everyone’s ideas here… great to be having the discussion!

@neerja, many thanks for your input, I appreciate your reply. However, you reply does not answer my question, which is asking for you to put in place a procedure to escalate “app breaking” bugs. Could Bubble please come back to us with a proposal for putting this procedure in place and a timescale for its implementation?

Like I said, the start point could be as simple as a new forum category which support monitors daily, so does not need to involve a big engineering effort… and the responses to posts there could give an indication of how many apps are effected.

At the moment it can take 5-6 days for Bubble to even recognise there is a problem, and this does not give us confidence that we can build a reliable app based business for our clients…

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We appreciate suggestions including the kanban board one. @antony we are staffing up to address concerns around response time. Please be assured our support team is reading and escalating reported issues.

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Agreed! In fact, I was just about to propose something similar. I mean, it’s cool that the current bug tracking system is built on Bubble, but I wonder if it’s time to consider an off-the-shelf issue tracker of some sort. Not knowing the status of issues or being able to upvote or add additional info after submission makes the current email-based system seem really outdated and cumbersome, and far less helpful than it could be.

Glad to hear from @neerja that the Bubble team is listening and considering some changes. Seems to me both Bubble and users would benefit. Automating and making better use of resources is always a good thing.

Looking forward to some improvements. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there @neerja… thanks for your reply. I’m glad to hear you are adding more staff to improve response times.

However I am not assured about what happens right now, otherwise I would not have started this post! For it to take 5-6 days for Bubble to acknowledge an app breaking bug exists does not give me assurance. How can I support my clients when their app is rendered unusable for at least that length of time and the situation is completely out of my control?

There was a long debate about this with Josh in the “Request for a Bubble Software Release and Escalation Policy” post I referred to earlier. Josh agreed that a way to identify the real app breaking bugs was an important step in cutting the time to fix them. A simple way to do this right now would seem to be having a new category in the forum where just app breaking bugs are listed and commented on.

Is Bubble willing to put this mechanism in place? Or if not, something similar which will achieve the same result?

For me, the rapid response to app breaking bugs is the most important aspect in being able to run my business based on Bubble!

Many thanks,



You can use jquery to solve you’re issue.

My page becomes unresponsive with continuous blue loading bar in “step by step” mode whenever something is clicked. Is this something that can be fixed with jquery?

Console is producing: “warning: status bar still waiting on Promise(waiting on waiting for debugger to finish with bTKZb)”.

I reported a bug months ago and sent some follow ups, got a response but it is yet unresolved, I think they thought it was fixed before.