Trouble creating events in Full Calendar

Hello, I’m having a problem which I’m sure has a really simple answer. I know I must be missing something obvious.

I’m trying to create a page with a calendar showing upcoming events, these will be generated by me and visible to all users. They don’t need to be recurring.

Try as I might, I don’t seem to be able to make any events appear in the calendar. I’ve scoured these forums and haven’t found the solution. If anyone can give me any pointers on where I’m going wrong I would be hugely appreciative.

Calendar settings

Calendar data set up

Hi @tentaclebarnacle, so when you preview the page, the events don’t show up? Sorry if this is a “duh” questions, but just want to make sure because the events aren’t going to show in the editor mode.

If they’re not showing, can you check your Privacy Roles to make sure you don’t have access to the Event type restricted: Data > Privacy.

Finally, do you have any constraints added to “Search for Events” or is there a condition on the calendar that changes the data source?

Check those things and if you’re still having trouble, maybe you can share your editor link.

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It was the privacy roles that I was missing. I knew it had to be something simple and now that you’ve pointed that out I don’t know how I missed it. So very appreciative of your fast and super helpful reply :slight_smile: .

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