Full Calendar Not Updating Automatically

On my application I’m showing the Full Calendar plugin from a reusable element, then I create a new data calling a second reusable element, but the data never loads on the calendar unless I refresh the page entirely.

The debugger confirms that the data is not reloading onto the calendar. I have tried adding the data to a repeating group and updating it every second, but that also did not work. I have added the calendar directly onto the main page and the issue persisted. I have even tried updating my Google API keys with no success.

Any ideas of what could be happening? TY!

Sounds like the plugin is taking a static copy on page load.

Have you tried adding an action at the end of the WF where you are creating this new event object, to display data in the calendar? Does it allow that?

If that doesn’t work you could try a different plugin and see if it updates live, or you could make a calendar UI with a RG, or you could make part of the creation workflow to refresh the page (but that would annoy users).

@Oliver-wholegraintech, the data change is made as a backend workflow.

I have tried creating a pause after the action in order to give it time for it to run, then clearing the RG data and displaying it again on the RG. This approach did not work.

I have also tried doing the exact same step every 5 seconds when the calendar is visible. In this case, the dada gets completely erased from the RG and the calendar becomes empty (as if there is a glitch on the screen), then I wait for 1 second and lookup the data again from the database to populate the RG and calendar, but still the data does not get updated.

Refreshing manually the entire page is the only thing that seems to work, but of course, this is not the desired behaviour.

I think you’ll need to use a different plugin or create a calendar UI by the sounds of things sorry

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No problem. Thank you @Oliver-wholegraintech