[Plugin Update] Full Calendar

Hello everyone!

We are excited to announce that the Full Calendar Plugin update is now live. Thank you to everyone who helped us test the update while it was under development to ensure a (hopefully) smoother rollout.

The goal of this release was to finally update the plugin to use the latest version of the FullCalendar library. We had been noticing an increasing number of bug reports around this plugin and realized a majority of those bugs would be addressed in later versions of the API. The bugs we have addressed in this release include the calendar element not scrolling properly, calendar rows not expanding properly, and the calendar element glitching on page load.

While this update does not specifically address many of the outstanding feature requests, being on the latest version will allow us to more efficiently work through the backlog. For example, the ability to set the maximum number of events you’d like to show up in a cell is a feature request that is already almost complete.

Please keep an eye out for any potential bugs and be sure to continue filing feature requests for missing functionality. Thank you all and enjoy!


Great news!

Is this a new plugin that we install in our app or a new version of the current Bubble Full Calendar plugin?

Great news!

Things get one step better on every release

Would really love a simple simple way of making a booking system.

Things like setting weekly availability across time zones and booking are complex and the level of work required quickly started feeling not-so-nocodey.



Perfect, thanks, @nickc :grinning: :computer:

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One area to keep an eye out for are custom translations. Along the way, FullCalendar deprecated some of the translations we used to offer, in an effort to provide more seamless support for different language formatting conventions by relying more heavily on the browser. Please see the changes below. Note: this should only be an issue for users that were relying on customized translations.

# deprecated 
COLUMNFORMAT_DAY   # e.g. `yyyy ddd`
COLUMNFORMAT_WEEK  # e.g. `ddd d/MM`
AXISFORMAT         # e.g. `H(:mm)`
TIMEFORMAT         # e.g. `{"agenda":"H:mm{ - H:mm}","":"H(:mm)"}`
TITLEFORMAT_DAY   # e.g. `dddd d MMMM, yyyy`
TITLEFORMAT_WEEK  # e.g. `d. [MMM] [ yyyy]{ '—'d. MMM yyyy}`

This is a new version of the current Bubble Full Cal plugin


Thanks for the suggestion! Do you mind making a submission to our ideaboard so we can officially track this request?

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How do we get the calendar to show a 24 hour timeformat instead of the default 12 hour time format?

@nickc Great to see, thank you for the update.

Is the ability to alter an individual event’s caption based on a condition included in the release, or if not, is it on the upcoming feature list?

@nickc, thank you for the update!
Could you please tweak a little more so that

  • the Event caption column doesn’t get cut off
  • event colors always cover its entire event
    (Or should I submit this to the ideaboard?)

↓ Current

↓ Previous (another calendar, though)

Thanks in advance!

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How does this compare to the full calendar plugins available? Understandably this is likely a difficult question to field.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we’ll take a look!

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For the event color covering the entire name, we use the the colored circle to denote an event that takes place at a specific time, and we use the full color background to denote an event that is an entire day or spans multiple days. At the moment, those are the default settings, however in the future, we plan to open up more control over the calendar and event styling.


That is a good question - I’d need some more details on your use case as I can imagine a few workarounds to conditionally change the name of an event.

Unfortunately, this is a difficult question to answer as I can only speak to the functionality of the Bubble made Full Calendar plugin.

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I hope you will get around to it soon, as in my opinion time-slot services like mine don’t look too great when some timeslots look this different to the others…

Anyways appreciate all the hard works of yours :slight_smile:

hi @nickc

Couldn’t that be a setting?

Our product uses the color of the event as a tool to organize the calendar.

Visually it was a big change (the whole calendar is now basically white) and it ends up impacting users in an unexpected way.



The calendar will follow the formatting of the app language by default. For example, if your app language is in French, it will show a 24 hour time-format. Otherwise, we are working on a way to manually set this formatting as the previous translation option we used was removed by FullCalendar.

Yes, this can be a setting. We’ve added it to the list of feature requests. Since this will help replicate old behavior, it will certainly be a higher priority. Thanks!