Full Calendar translation not available (not visible in language tab)


Since a week the day of the week isn’t displaying anymore in my full calendar. The debugger says this “no translation available yet for text fullcalendar-COLUMNFORMAT_DAY in nl_nl”, but when I look at the language tab, the fullcalendar-COLUMNFORMAT_DAY isn’t in the list.



I have the same problem with Hebrew.
Have you found any workaround for this?


My plugin allows you to customize all displayed day names. Check it


Wanna try it out?!

yes thanks

I just found out how to fix it.

export the whole translation file to csv, add the few lines that have the “null” value with the value you want (you can copy it from the English column), and then upload it using the Export button.
Works like magic

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I don’t think that allows you add translations to the calendar, does it? only to translate the error messages?

it does allow you to change it. the problem is the fields are missing unless you export it as I described

but nevertheless, I would love to try your plugin

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