Full Calendar - "Your license key is invalid. More info"

While trying to use the Bubble provided Full Calendar plugin, I am getting a notification about a license key. It says “Your license key is invalid. More info”

You can click on More info and it takes you to this page: schedulerLicenseKey - Docs | FullCalendar

I don’t know that I have any license key. I don’t want this to show when I push my app to production. Any help?

I’m still running into this problem and can’t figure it out. Is anyone else using the Bubble provided calendar plugin? Are you seeing where it says license key invalid?

It has been happening on multiple apps as well.

I’m having the same issue. According to the bubble docs this is a bubble recommended plugin…

Deleting a conflicting calendar plugin and reinstalling it seemed to fix it for me @vincent.l.arena

Hey, @yaggienick,

I’ve tried deleting the Calendar element and inserting it again. Also tried deleting all the calendars in the app, deleting the plugin, installing the plugin again and inserting the calendar element again.

And nothing works.
What worked for you?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :computer: