Full Height Chat

Hey all,

I had a look through the forum and it looks like no one actually solved the full height chat problem.

Super strange I would have though this was something a tonne of people have done.

I’m looking to have a chat page be vertically responsive on different height devices… How are others achieving this?

Yes it was

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@boston85719 I bought the template; it almost gets there… but I see you are using scroll to bottom then waiting and scrolling to bottom again to get to the first entry. While this will work for small simple chats without many messages it’s not ideal.

Ideally you flip the repeating group either using transform or a plugin, however I am finding that when I flip the repeating group I can no longer get the height responsiveness to work.

I’m standing by “still not solved”… for now

Thanks for your purchase.

Sorry, I didn’t realize from your original post that the flipped repeating group was part of your requirements for having it solved…I thought it was fully focused on full height.

How are you doing that? With a plugin or CSS transform?

I have used both, I couldn’t get either to work with full heigh responsiveness

I meant how did you have that setup originally when it worked. Knowing that could help to understand why it is not working for you with the template.

So how are you flipping the repeating group and having the ‘flip’ work?

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