Full Responsive Messenger System

This is a ‘pre-launch’ announcement because I am too excited to wait for it to be approved.

I have uploaded to the marketplace a template that solves the issue of chat messengers not being FULLY RESPONSIVE. This chat messenger looks awesome on all devices and it shines on mobile devices. Responsive to any device orientation, page height and width.

Check out some of the images below:

Demo Chat

Priced at $29 it is a bargain. Comes equipped with the recently launched full responsive login/signup/reset password with Redirect system and responsive header.

If you want a template to start your projects off strong and avoid hours of development, this is a no-brainer purchase.

Link to public page of the signup template that is included in this soon to be released chat messenger template:


Well done. Looks amazing. But can this be incorporated into an existing project or does one have to use it to start a project off from scratch?


This can be incorporated into an existing project. Incorporating templates into existing projects is always possible, however, some templates are easier than others.

This template is pretty ‘light’ in that there are not so many components that need to get copied and pasted over.

Something I’ve done in the past for another template of mine was created a set of instructions on how to incorporate it. For this, I think I will make a video demonstrating how to do it.

I believe for this template, it would take less than an hour to do.

Now that I am writing this, I think I will make the video tonight and I’ll update this thread on the time it takes.


Wow thanks man. I am still getting the hang of bubble so such a tutorial would really be welcomed.

I just made the video. It will be available once the template is approved and on the marketplace.

The video runs just under 1 hour. Some of the beginning is a bit rambling of how to get your app ready. After that I add some components and do the issue resolution live. After exemplifying with two components I switch to setting up the components but do the issue resolutions off screen.

I would expect for somebody following along to the video and integrating the chat messenger features into an existing project it would take between an hour and 2 hours to complete it.

I did not integrate the login and header features that are a part of the template, but expect integrating those would add no more than an hour to the process.


Interested in trying this!

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I am happy to announce the template has been approved and is available in the marketplace.

In the description of the template you can find links to a video tutorial on how to integrate this template into an existing project (run time is a bit over an hour).

Also there are three links to video tutorials for how to set up social media login for Facebook, Google and Linkedin.


Looks really cool. Is there a way to have it in another language like French?

Yes, for sure. Bubble has a built in feature for languages to allow developers to set up their apps for multiple languages.