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Fully native app for iOS & Android on Bubble

I did not find one post that would be solely about
Building a Fully native app for both iOS & Android by yourselves.
So can we come up with our best practices and advice on how to do it?

Here are some things we can talk about on behalf of every Bubbler that comes across.

  • Way how to build app by yourselves, with the least amount of third parties to pay (useful for non-profits)

  • how to make the app fully native since wrapper will make it only work with native-like features (to unleash the full potential that can be achieved)

  • How actually helped you to check ‘‘native app’’ on page in Bubble?

So lets talk about pros and cons of different approaches we can take.

How about this?

Happy to see how I can make it more comprehensive!

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fun fact in beginning. Before posting this I was looking on a thread where you were making templates on weekly basis. And I was like damn this guy and his team is fucking killing it… :rofl:
May I ask you were you selling then afterward?

And now to the point. I so appreciate your reply. That one is really amazing.
Are there other ways to make a native app? Other than wrapper? I wanted to make a list of options to post it here but I did not find other options.

Take care

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Thanks, George! We are not selling the templates. They are all available on the marketplace for free. We do this to get people to notice us and hopefully try our products! E.g. Open Project - a platform to sell your skills as a subscription, i.e. offer your Bubble skills as a subscription.

Wrapper is the only option as far as I know. In fact, I just spoke to the Bubble team this week about this (:crossed_fingers: they don’t mind me sharing this; they didn’t mention confidentiality). They are looking into ways to improve the wrapper experience but no timeline for a truly native experience yet.

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You can build out a truly native app using Thunkable or AppGyver and use bubbles db to power your app!

It may have a different look/feel but you get other sweet features by going native!!!