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Fuzzy search without hiding repeating group full list?

I have a list of customers in a repeating group. I want the user to be able to scroll down the list of his/her customers, but I want to also offer a search box which will find the desired customer.

Fuzzy search works great, but it displays no repeating group results until one is typed in the input field. I want the full list to be visible on page load, but when the user types in the input field we should see the correct customer info.


You can use a condition for this to show the full list when the input field is empty, and then switch the Data Source to the Fuzzy Search plugin whenever the user types something in.

Hi there, @darren.james7518… there’s nothing wrong with what petter suggested, of course, but you can also try checking this box to see if that does the trick.


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Thanks guys, two very good suggestions. I am having trouble getting the fuzzy search to work at all now.

The repeating group as well as the Search&Autocorrect plugin are both searching for Data: Customers and both have an ID of ‘fuzzy’. The input field is also has an ID of ‘fuzzy’.

When I preview the page nothing happens? What should the Data be on the repeating group, should it be Data: Customers or Data: Search Input’s value

Hey Darren,

Just check the demo page of the plugin and copy the setup. The data source should be a simple search for items.

Then add a condition to change the data source when the input’s value is not empty.