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Is bubble working today?

Is bubble working fine for everyone else? Slow slow slow and then showing a temporary bug message.

Same here. Access db data is very slow. This has happened in the past, try using

Same. Editor won’t really open quickly, and my apps are also loading very slowly.

We’re looking into it.

Thank you. Making sure I wasn’t doing something wrong on my end. :cold_sweat:

Same here: if useful for diagnosing, my edits are not saving either in addition to the slow load times mentioned earlier.

This is a good time to enjoy the beautiful fall day and take the dogs for a walk. :slight_smile: Thanks @emmanuel!

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Same, all apps crashing on Chrome and editor slow to load. Good luck team, you got this!

Bubble HQ right now:


It seems that most issues are stemming from not being able to pull information from the database. Though the editor is also slow to load.

For context, here is how the issue is manifesting:

  • Log in failed because user could not be found
  • Elements on page (ex. specific count of database items) not loading but static elements are
  • Partial list of a repeating group eventually loads, with certain linked types of data omitted

I tried running a few workflows that write to the database. They appear to execute. But hard to say if anything is actually being written to DB since it’s not loading.

Cool thought it was me - glad to know it’s not. Taking a bubble break :slight_smile:


Hmm, I noticed a lot of my API calls were not working as expected and things were becoming very slow. So I logged out, thinking a quick refresh might help. Now I can’t log in anymore…

EDIT: I was just able to log back in now.

Getting to the end of your AirBnb tutorial Brent - thought I had a home run tonight but not so much.

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A few Harvard studies show that learning something right before bedtime increases the consolidation of those memories during sleep. So looks like you already hit a home run :slight_smile:


Good thing I fired up the grill before I logged on. CT temp is 82 today! :sunglasses:

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While everyone’s waiting to start building again – please email me at [email protected] if you’re interested in subcontractor work and/or one of a few full-time positions that I’m currently hiring for. Interesting profiles for full-time candidates include: 1) an advanced Bubble developer 2) an intermediate Bubble developer with strong design skills or 3) a beginner/intermediate Bubble developer with strong experience/connections in the travel & hospitality sectors. Competitive cash & equity comp. Will give more details when we connect. Also, if you’re NYC-based and are interested in meeting other Bubble developers, please shoot me a message as I’m planning to coordinate a meetup over the coming weeks. Thanks, Mike

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Any updates here?

it works for me

Things have been back to normal for a while now.

Cool, thanks! I didn’t see a note about it, so thought I’d check.

@emmanuel What was the issue?